Is your dealership struggling with turning online visitors into customers? Many dealerships miss out on engaging online website visitors! If you aren’t engaging visitors, you could be loosing sales! We have the key to help you start engaging your potential buyers and start turning them into customers.

Chat ConneXion is our online chat software that works 24/7 and allows visitors to ask you questions and get immediate responses in real time. Customers that shop and research online are often impatient and demanding. If you aren’t there to answer them, they will go somewhere else to find the information.

Constant ConneXion is our eNewsletter and ePromotion Management system that is delivered on a monthly basis. This will be delivered to current, past, and potential customers. While building interest in your dealership, you are also reinforcing your brand image and dealership in consumers’ minds.

Social ConneXion is used to build your reputation on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. We help establish social conneXions with potential buyers so that they have a positive image of your dealership. This also helps in keeping your dealership top-of-mind whenever potential consumers decide to buy.

Now that you have discovered the key to turning online visitors into customers, are you ready to start increasing your sales? Give us a call to start turning your visitors into customers!