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Monthly Archives: November 2017

Reach Holiday Customers Through Video

Client ConneXion utilizes your inventory to create videos that will help you dominate your market. These marketing videos are created based on the exact photos and accessories from the inventory on your lot. By adding these videos, your SEO rankings will increase dramatically – especially during the holiday season.

How does it work? You provide […]

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Connecting During the Holidays

At Client ConneXion, we work to make connections with our customers constantly. We have learned that capitalizing on the holiday season as a way to better connect with those who support your business. Today, we want to share a few ways you can do just that:

Send a holiday card. Even if it is […]

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Hear from Our Satisfied Customers!

Here at Client ConneXion, we value what our awesome clients and customers have to say about their experiences.¬†Below, we are sharing some kind words from the people we’ve had the privilege of working with:

“Client ConneXion has become our #1 3rd party lead source because it gives us the opportunity to proactively connect with our […]

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Capitalize Your Online Presence this Holiday Season!

Today is Cyber Monday, which reminds us how many people are really on the Internet each and every day. Internet users are everywhere, whether seeking a new dress for a holiday party or a big gift for their newly 16-year-old daughter for Christmas. No matter the motive, people resort to the Internet to make […]

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How Can Your Dealership Retain Customers For Life?

Customer retention is a huge deal and it makes business in the car industry so much easier. It’s much less difficult – and less expensive – to sell to a previous customer than to sell to a new customer.

So, how can you dealership ensure that you retain customers for life? Here are a few […]

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Drive More Traffic To Your Virtual Lot

The key to selling more cars is to get in front of more people and convert them to leads. So, how do you do this? With everyone doing their researching and starting the buying process and decision making online, it’s important to drive traffic to your virtual lot. We’re talking about your website. Your […]

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Sell More This Holiday Season with Chat ConneXion

The amount of holiday shopping that people now do online versus shopping in actual stores has increased dramatically over the last several years and continues to increase each and every year. Some people find is so much easier to click a mouse, put in their shipping address and card number and wait for stuff […]

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Why You Need Response ConneXion

Want to know more about our Response ConneXion feature?

Tired of sleeping with your smart phone under your pillow? Response ConneXion teams up with your dealership to become a virtual extension of your sales organization. Your virtual internet dealership is open for business seven days a week, 24 hours a day with trained professionals who […]

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