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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Get Social With Your Potential Customers

Social media is today’s word-of-mouth marketing. Many people today spread the word about how their buying experience was via social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You’ve likely had a friend that purchased a new car, took a photo of them standing beside their card holding their new keys in from of the dealership. […]

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3 Reasons Why Your Dealership Should be Utilizing Video

Have you noticed that social media and the internet has been flooded with video lately? There’s no denying that video is the most consumed media online today. Don’t stand back and let the competition take your potential sales! It’s important that your dealership utilizes video in order to capture as many leads and sales […]

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Take Your Website’s Engagement to the Next Level

Is your website engaging its visitors? The first step to capturing leads online is to drive traffic to your website. Once you’ve got people visiting your site, you have just a couple of seconds to capture their attention before they make the decision to exit your website to stay to look around a little […]

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Spotlight: Constant ConneXion Features

Increase interest and attendance to dealer events with our turn-key eNewsletter service, also known as Constant ConneXion. Your eNewsletter will be delivered on a monthly basis to your customers and prospects ensuring that your dealership remains top-of-mind. We customize each eCampaign to match your dealerships brand and image with a Touch and Feel campaign […]

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Craigslist ConneXion: Free Trial!

With Client ConneXion, you can finally ensure that your inventory will be kept up-to-date and active on Craigslist without the hassle. Craigslist is an effective yet time-consuming way to list your vehicle inventory. Craigslist ConneXion can streamline this process for you so you can concentrate your efforts on converting leads into additional sales.

If you […]

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How to Harbor Personal Customer Connections

Harboring genuine connections with your customers is the best way to build relationships and creates sales within your dealership. Below are a few ways that you – the manager or business owner – can make personal connections with your valuable customers:

Ask questions first. The most important part of any sale is figuring out […]

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Don’t Forget About Your Employees!

At Client ConneXion, we take pride in providing your dealership with ways to better connect with customers – both current and potential. However, we can’t neglect your employees, as they are the people that represent your dealership and help make the sales. Below are a few ways to show your employees that they are […]

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The Art of a Response

Here at Client ConneXion, we offer many features to help your dealership better connect with customers. With all that we have to offer, there is a constant that runs through all of them: response.

In today’s technological day and age, most of our communication takes place from behind a computer screen. While it’s a quick […]

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