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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Don’t Let Your Online Marketing Strategy Run On EMPTY!








Is the fuel to your online marketing strategy running low? Don’t miss the opportunity to fuel up and start increasing sales! Client ConneXion has 4 steps to take to start filling up your online marketing fuel tank.

Chat ConneXion

Chat ConneXion is online live chat software that will allow you to engage online visitors in real […]

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3 Must-Haves To Drive Up Online Leads!

Leads can come from many different avenues, from walk-ins to phone calls and online. Here are a few ways your dealership can increase the number of leads you get each month online and from  your website!

CRAIGSLIST. Use Craigslist to help advertise your pre-owned vehicle inventory. Many people interested in purchasing a used car use Craigslist […]

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Top 4 Things That Customers Will Ask When Using Chat & How to Set The Appointment

Check out these 4 questions that your online chat customers are sure to ask! Be prepared on how to respond and set the appointment to get your customers to the dealership.

Is it available?

This is where it becomes important for your website to be up-to-date. Get straight to the point and answer the question then ask […]

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Get “Proactive” with your Online Chat!

If your current chat provider is not allowing you to be proactive with your live chat, then you need to read this!
Client ConneXion provides an interactive dealer chat solution that allows you to be proactive with your online visitors instead of simply waiting by your laptop hoping that someone wants to ask a question.

Your […]

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Move The “Traffic Needle” In Your Dealership

We all look at our web traffic and internet lead data and try our best to find some rhyme or reason for the number of leads. This is especially true with Dealerships and internet leads. The number one thing that you can do to obtain an immediate boost to your traffic is of course […]

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