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Monthly Archives: January 2018

Streamline Your Dealer Trade Process

iDealer Trade is our dealer trade solution that makes your dealer trade process virtually paperless. We understand that new car trades can get complicated and time consuming. That’s why we have developed a solution that removed the hassle and helps your track trade expenses, reduce floor plan expense, simplify your dealer trade process and […]

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DriveTrac Pro: Your Dealership’s Solution To End Loaner Vehicle Abuse

How much money is your dealership’s loaner vehicle program costing you? We know that loaner vehicle programs are one of the top expenses in a dealership. That’s why it’s important to properly manage your loaner fleet so that you can cut down costs and stop losing profits when it comes to your loaner vehicles.

DriveTrac […]

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Better Management For Your Loaner Vehicle Program

How does your dealership manage your loaner vehicles? When someone comes in for maintenance on their vehicle that will take several hours or even days, you likely let them borrow one of your dealership’s loaner vehicles. This is a key part of customer satisfaction, however managing your loaner vehicles can be extremely complicated and […]

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Is your loaner car program profitable?

When evaluating your dealership and its efficiency and profitability, do you  have a gap in your customer service department? Are you curious why some people are not happy with your dealership, even though you’re providing them with everything they need for their car?

Your customer satisfaction is largely based on what “extras” you provide for […]

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All About ClientConneXion

Client ConneXion assists auto dealerships in creating instant connections with online buyers more effectively than the industry standard “internet lead” process. With our suite of services, Client ConneXion enables auto dealers to sell more cars all while successfully creating lasting consumer relationships.

There are two types of business relationships; the “doing for” and the “doing […]

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Increase Your Dealership’s Customer Satisfaction

Customer service, in the auto industry, is huge. Whether you’re a salesperson, a service technician, or a customer service representative, there are many ways you can impact a customer’s buying experience. However, if your dealership does NOT work toward high-quality customer service, your customers will most likely not return. In the worst case, they […]

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STOP Losing Revenue and START Boosting Profits

We are well into a new year, which probably has you assessing what works and what doesn’t work within your dealership. You may have installed new programs or protocols at the first of the year or you may have kept with the same guidelines. Regardless of what your dealership did in 2017 or the […]

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DriveTrac Pro: How Does It Work?

DriveTrac Pro is our loaner vehicle management system equipped with live GPS monitoring and tracking, real time location alerts and cloud management capabilities. Part of eliminating the abuse of loaner vehicles at your dealership and cutting down costs associated with your loaner program including proper management. We understand that managing your loaner cars and […]

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