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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Craigslist ConneXion Benefits

Craigslist ConneXion is a great way to advertise and sell your vehicles online. Craigslist is a strategic game and we have your game plan. Below are a few key features:

Fully automated process.
Responsive mobile-ready website.
Estimated payment in each post.
Unique call tracking number.
Real time updates.

Dealer webs instinct clients are experiencing phenomenal […]

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Use Videos to Increase SEO

You may peruse your personal social media sites and notice that videos fill your feed more than they used to. This is because videos make it to the top of your feeds versus photos. In other words, videos are more optimized than any other format on social media.

Client ConneXion utilizes your inventory to create […]

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What are Targeted Data Selects?

Here at Client ConneXion, our targeted data selects contain over 200 million opt-in email addresses. You can select your list based on a variety of criteria, as well as include customer suppression lists. Modifiable by just about any basic demographic: age, income, home value, children in home, etc. This program includes our full Google […]

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How are you connecting with your customers?

It seems like a question that we get asked a lot, but are we doing anything about it?

As dealership managers and owners, it’s important to constantly and consistently evaluate if we are connecting with our customers in an effective way. However, when we say customers, we mean both current customers and potential customers. For […]

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Tips Increase Your Dealership’s Customer Retention

As a car dealer, you probably are already aware of the fact that selling a car to a previous customer is much easier than selling a car to a new customer. This is also referred to as customer retention. Keeping your customers coming back each time they’re ready to buy a car will help […]

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The Importance of Social ConneXion

Connecting socially with your customers and potential customers will take your sales to another level. Today, we’re going to talk about Social ConneXion and what it can do for your dealership.

At Client ConneXion, we know how important connecting on a social level can be in the auto industry. That’s why we have developed Social […]

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Solution Spotlight: DriveTrac Pro

Each of our dealership solutions are designed to have a specific function and goal, all of which will help you to connect better with customers to sell more cars. Today, we’re highlighting DriveTrace Pro and how it can work for your dealership.

DriveTrac Pro is our loaner vehicle management solution that will help your dealership […]

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Connect With Visitors Online To Drive Them To Your Dealership

At Client ConneXion, we give you the power to connect with customers. Connecting online with customers will not only provide more opportunity to convert visitors into leads, but to also get more customers to you dealership to make more sales. Check out some of our most popular and effective dealership solutions below that are […]

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