At Client ConneXion, we’re here to help your dealership sell more cars. No matter what stage of the sales process, we’ve got solutions to make your job easier, more efficient and will help you close more deals. Our complete suite of dealership solutions is designed by dealers for dealers. Check out Constant ConneXion, and learn more about what it can do for you.

Constant ConneXion is our email newsletter solution that is proven to help you stay in constant communication with you contacts. It’s important to stay in contact with potential customers and past customers. Email newsletters are proven to increase customer retention as well as establish and maintain a top of mind presence with each of your contacts.

Features include:

  • Monthly e-newsletter service
  • Custom functionality
  • Included Chat ConneXion services
  • 97% delivery assurance
  • Increased service appointments
  • Improved search engine optimization and increased traffic

If you’re ready to optimize your contacts and sell more cars, give us a call today!

Will you be at the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo in Las Vegas October 16-18? We’ll be there showing off each of our dealership solutions and demonstrating what they can do for your dealership. Stop by and see us at booth 1016 and let us help you turn more browsers into buyers to sell more cars!