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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Chat Your Way To More Car Sales

Is your website utilizing the latest and most effective tool in engaging your website visitors? Live chat is a guaranteed way to help you connect with website visitors and convert them into customers. At Client ConneXion, we have fine tuned our live chat solution to fit the needs of your dealership. Here’s how you […]

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4 Ways to Build Better Relationships

As managers, we know that customers are important to the success of your dealership. Customers will continue to return to your business based on the way you treat them. When customers come back, that strengthens your relationship. In order to build better and stronger customer relationships, follow these easy tips:

Be honest. Customers can […]

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Does your dealership know the difference between a LEAD and a CUSTOMER?

Part of being a successful sales representative is being able to understand the different stages of the sales process and analyze where each of your prospects are within that sales process. People may have different expectations depending on how serious they are or how ready to make a buying decision they are.A LEAD is […]

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How Can You Put Customers First With Mobile?

75% of people in the United States have a smart phone. When you’re standing in line waiting for coffee to sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, what do you do? Pull out your cell phone and check social media or do some browsing. The easiest way that your dealership can get in front of […]

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Get Social! Let Client ConneXion Help You

Nowadays, one of the only ways to get your brand into the minds of the public is through a little thing we like to call “being social.” And being social, these days, takes place on the Internet. Our Social ConneXion feature helps you with just that.We can help you customize your dealership Facebook fan […]

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eNewsletters: Are They Actually Effective?

eNewsletters – electronic documents that are typically sent via email or on your website – are a great way to get information to customers in a creative, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient manner. In order to increase interest and attendance to your dealership’s events, our eNewsletter Service for Prospects and Customers is delivered on a […]

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How Craigslist Boosts Sales

Craigslist – a popular online platform to sell items from homes to animals – is an excellent way to expose the public to your dealership’s inventory. However, you may be curious how to properly utilize this platform to maximize sales without wasting your time. We’ve provided some facts below to help your dealership appropriately […]

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8 Tips to Create Attractive Emails (that customers will actually read!)

The world of email communication has expanded the way we, as dealership managers, interact and connect with our consumers. We are able to dish out thousands of emails with the swift click of a button, and are able to virtually meet potential and current customers right where they are. However, we are accustomed to […]

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