The world of email communication has expanded the way we, as dealership managers, interact and connect with our consumers. We are able to dish out thousands of emails with the swift click of a button, and are able to virtually meet potential and current customers right where they are. However, we are accustomed to deleting emails that do not seem interesting or worth our time (no worries, we all do it), which can be an issue for dealerships trying to achieve new leads. Here are a few of our tips to help get your dealership’s emails opened and read:

  1. Create an intriguing subject line.
  2. Write as if you’re addressing a single person, not an entire group of people.
  3. Don’t email just to email. Make sure the content is meaningful and is worth the time of your customers. If you send meaningless messages on a regular basis, your recipients will become accustomed to deleting them before they are read.
  4. Give your readers an incentive to read your emails. Share tips and insights to show that their time reading through the email was worthwhile.
  5. Make it short and snappy. No need to be wordy.
  6. Utilize numbers! Making number big and bold is a good way to grab readers’ attention, whether it is a price, inventory number, or countdown.
  7. Refer to your recipients as “you.”
  8. Add personality by interjecting words you – the writer – would use in conversation. Include creative content that can just as much entertain as inform.

Email marketing and communication can be a tricky task to complete. Making your readers physically click on your email and open it is a challenge, but keeping them engaged as they’re reading is an even bigger feat. Follow the tips above to increase your chances of reaching potential and current customers with the click of a button.

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