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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Constant ConneXion: What We Can Offer Your Dealership

Increase interest and attendance to dealer events with Turn-key eNewsletter Service for Prospects and Customers. Your eNewsletter will be delivered on a monthly basis to your customers and prospects ensuring that your dealership remains top-of-mind. We customize each eCampaign to match your dealerships brand and image with a Touch and Feel campaign that keeps […]

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Increasing Overall Efficiency with iDealerTrade

iDealerTrade, a Dealer Trade Management system designed to add efficiency to your dealership and ease the hassle of New Car Dealer Trades. iDealerTrade makes your Dealer Process virtually paperless.

iDealerTrade will simplify the accounting process by involving your accounting team from the first initial step of the trade, then will track the entire trade process […]

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3 Ways to Create an Effective E-Newsletter

E-newsletters can seem like a waste of time to many, but – when properly executed – they can serve as a valuable marketing tool for your dealership. Below are a few tips to consider when sending out your dealership’s next e-newsletter:

Forget about the “sales” mentality. Save the whole “sales” vernacular for a promotional […]

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Successfully Securing a Lead

In the dealership world, sales is one of the most prominent and visible positions. Salespeople are constantly walking the dealership floor, chatting with prospects and educating customers about the value of the products they sell. The reward of securing a sale gives salespeople a type of satisfaction that is hard to come by in […]

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Put Our Dealership Solutions to Work For You

At Client ConneXion, we’re here to help you connect with customers like never before! By connecting with your online visitors and engaging them, we can help you turn more of those visitors into customers. Check out some of our most effective dealership solutions that are guaranteed to help you sell more cars.

Chat ConneXion – […]

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Set Your Service Apart With The Best Training Around

How can your dealership give customers and potential customers a different experience from that they would receive at any other dealership? We’re here to help! It’s important to set yourself apart in the way you communicate with customers in order to give them the best experience possible to close the sale and keep them […]

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The Importance of Getting Social

Digital marketing is so important today, especially for getting your dealership in front of potential customers and ahead of your competition. At Client ConneXion, we’re here to provide you with solutions for marketing your dealership effectively, obtaining more leads and converting more leads into sales.

Social ConneXion is our social media dealership solution that well […]

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The Life of a Manager

As a manager or owner of a auto dealership, you have a lot on your plate. Between the seemingly endless meetings, long days walking the floor and critical decision-making, there is much to consider on a daily basis. In all, your days can be hectic and full of stressful situations. That is where Client […]

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