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Monthly Archives: December 2017

Get Back on TRAC in 2018

Have you spent 2017 trying to find ways to increase your profitability, only to find that nothing is working? Here at Client ConneXion, we recognize the need to help dealerships across the world optimize every single avenue to make a profit. Due to this need, we adopted the DriveTRACpro program, which boosts your profits […]

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Creating Genuine Connections in 2018

People in every industry┬ásearch for ways to create genuine connections with their fellow employees and customers. What they don’t know is that it’s very simple if you take the time to prepare. Here are a few ways you can make genuine connections with your customers this New Year:

Hand write thank you notes. Go […]

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New Year, New Program

We are quickly approaching 2018 and we are very excited for a fresh start! While New Year’s Day usually denotes the end of a year, it also ignites a new slate that is open for changes and tweaks. Here at Client ConneXion, we are constantly evolving with the times – incorporating new technologies into […]

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DriveTrac Pro: Manage Your Loaner Vehicle Program

DriveTrac Pro is one of our dealership solutions that is designed to help you operate and manage your dealership each day as efficient and smoothly as possible. As dealers ourselves, we understand that this can be a struggle. That’s why we have developed solutions to make your job easier while helping your dealership sell […]

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Improve Your Dealership’s Customer Satisfaction Rating

Did you know that unsatisfied customers are more likely to tell people about their experience than those customers that are satisfied? This could mean bad news for your dealership if you have a significant number of unsatisfied customers. Of course it’s impossible to please everyone, but we know that you want to strive for […]

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Improve Your Loaner Car Program

How efficient is your dealership’s loaner vehicle program? As dealers ourselves, we understand the importance of the loaner program and how it is a huge part of customer satisfaction. However, we also know that loaner programs can be extremely expensive and difficult to manage, often times costing the dealership more time and money than […]

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DriveTRACpro: How does it work?

DriveTRACpro specializes in GPS fleet tracking, fleet management and data communications. We started this adventure in 2008, and we are proud to have built our fourth platform. Utilizing the latest cloud technology and management software, our web-based platform allows customers from anywhere in the world to login and manage their fleet.

DriveTRACpro’s live tracking system […]

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How to Improve Your Customer Service

Absolutely perfect customer service may be intangible, but you can get pretty close. Providing the best support for your dealership’s customers is essential to the success of your business overall. Take the time to plan customer service strategies for different scenarios so your representatives are never without an answer or a helping hand. Today, […]

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