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Monthly Archives: May 2018

Connect with Customers

Here at Client ConneXion, we research ways to give YOU – the dealership – the power to connect with your customers online. It’s easy to connect with them when you’re face to face, but getting them into your dealership to create that in-person connection can be a challenge. With our online tools and tips, […]

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Ways to Stay Top-of-Mind

Retain customers by staying top-of-mind by including e-newsletters into your email routine. Through Client ConneXion’s Constant ConneXion feature, your e-newsletter will be delivered on a monthly basis to your customers and prospects. We customize each campaign to match your dealership’s brand and image with a Touch and Feel Campaign that keeps your dealership in […]

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Increase Your Dealership’s Customer Retention

Did you know that it is significantly easier and less expensive to sell a vehicle to a previous customer than it is to a new customer?

We’ve got a tool that is proven to help you increase your dealership’s customer retention as well as maintain a top-of-mind presence in recipients’ minds. This is important because […]

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How You Can Better Manage Your Loaner Vehicle Program

How do you manage your dealership’s loaner vehicle program? We can bet that even if you have a team member managing and monitoring your loaner vehicles that your loaner vehicles are likely still a huge cost in your dealership. We’ve got a way to help you stop losing revenue and a tool to help […]

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Drive Your Sales With Chat ConneXion

Does your dealership’s website have live chat capabilities? If not, you are missing out on sales. At Client ConneXion, we focus on giving you the power to connect with customers. When people visit your website, they’re likely looking at your dealership’s inventory that you have listed on line. We like to call this your […]

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How DriveTracPro Can Drive Your Dealership Higher

Most dealerships in the US have not yet found a way to make their loaner car operations a key part of their profitability and customer satisfaction strategy. These loaner programs can be the third highest expense inside a dealership after the cost of rent and people, but – handled poorly – they can end […]

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Benefits of Social ConneXion

Social media marketing is HUGE in the online marketing industry, and generally refers to popular social websites such as Facebook and Instagram. It’s “hot” because it works – from the smallest internet forum to making the popular page on Instagram, the marketing opportunity for your dealership can be substantial.

Our Social ConneXion can help you […]

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Why You Need Response ConneXion

Are you tired of sleeping with your cell phone under your pillow? Response ConneXion teams up with your dealership to become a virtual extension of your sales organization. Your virtual internet dealership is open for business seven days a week, 24 hours a day with trained professionals who beat the competition by rapidly handling […]

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