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Monthly Archives: August 2016

Engaging Your Visitors: How You Can Sell More

Don’t lose potential customers to your competition. Engage virtual lot visitors on your website and convert more of them into buyers! Here’s how:

Offer Immediate Action — By offering immediate action when people visitor your website, they will be more likely to take that action. Our live chat solution is a great way to […]

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What does it take to drive up your dealership’s sales?

As a dealership, we understand that you’re always trying to learn about ways to increase your sales. Here are a few tips from our experts on how your dealership can drive up sales!

Know what you’re selling. Often times, a visitor has spent hours researching the car they have come to the lot to […]

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Client ConneXion’s Onsite Training

Employee training is an important facet in a smooth-running business. You continuously train in order to make sure each and every person is on the same page and working toward the same goal. However, we want to make sure you – the dealership’s upper-level management – stays up-to-date and current, as well.Our onsite training […]

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Are You Working After Work?

We all know this feeling. After completing a long day at work, the clock strikes 5:00 and you gather your things to head home. You pull into your driveway, unlock your front door, and are met with the comfort of your cozy couch and your television remote. Then, your phone buzzes. You have two […]

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Surefire Ways to Connect with Your Customers

It’s no secret that customers make your dealership go ‘round – they’re the ones you’re constantly seeking, the ones who show interest in your products, and the ones who dish out their wallets to keep your company thriving. In order for all of the aforementioned events to occur, your dealership must know how to […]

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Dealership Necessities: Chat Support

Client ConneXion has developed a state-of-the-art chat system to help your dealership stay in constant contact with potential and current clients. We want to share some reasons why we love it so much:

Chat ConneXion makes it easy for the customer. When taught the basics of having a business, the number one piece of […]

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Selling More Cars: Effective Ways To Use Digital Marketing

Today, more people than ever are utilizing the internet and dealership websites to research before making the decision to purchase a vehicle. It is important to interact with and engage these customers as early as possible! Utilizing digital marketing will help your dealership engage online shoppers and get them to your dealership so that […]

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Get Proactive: Engage Your Virtual Visitors

Don’t let your website visitors slip by and move on to your competition. Getting proactive on your website and engaging your visitors is proven to turn more leads into customers. Here are 4 ways that you can engage visitors on your website:

Offer immediate action. When visitors are greeted with immediate action upon visiting […]

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