If your loaner vehicle program is cutting into your dealership’s profits and costing you more money than planned for, we’ve got a solution for you. We understand how important loaner vehicles are to your customers and the role that they play in overall customers satisfaction. However, we also understand that many customers take advantage of these loaner vehicles, which ends up costing your dealership additional money on fuel, oil changes, maintenance and other expenses.

DriveTrac Pro is our dealership solution that is designed to help you manage your loaner vehicles and turn your loaner program into a profit center. DriveTrac Pro utilizes the latest in cloud technology so that you and your managers can access and monitor your loaner vehicles fleets from virtually anywhere. Even better, you’ll receive real time alerts when vehicles enter and/or exit the service area. By receiving these alerts, you’ll be able to tell which drivers are taking advantage of your loaner vehicles so that you can stop this activity.

To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and how it can help your dealership better manage your loaner vehicles, give us a call today! We’d love to show you more about our complete suite of dealership solutions that specifically designed for car dealers by car dealers to help you connect with customers like never before. Start turning more of those browsers into buyers today!