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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Sell more cars in 2016!

As the new year quickly approaches, we all make new goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. I’m sure your dealership is aiming to sell more cars! With Client ConneXion, we can make this an achievable goal for you and your dealership. Consider vamping up your digital marketing strategy and adding a combination of […]

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Increase Website Traffic

How can your dealership increase traffic to your website? Increasing website traffic will increase your number of leads, which will increase your sales! Client ConneXion is here to help!

With SEO/SEM ConneXion, we work on Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing to uniquely target and attract an audience of potential customers. Once traffic gets […]

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How to Sell More Cars in the Digital Age

2015 has been a year with more mobile device and smart phone use than ever before! More and more people are owning and using smart phones every single day. As these changes in the digital age are happening, more people are using their devices to do research, find information and shop for a new […]

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Sell More with Client ConneXion.

Not only have we developed a variety of dealership solutions that are aimed at helping you attract, engage and convert online visitors, we have developed an effective and efficient training service so that your dealership can meet and exceed sales goals month after month.

At Client ConneXion we have the best training around! Training shouldn’t […]

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It’s Christmas Day, is your virtual lot open?

Although it’s Christmas Day and your actual dealership is probably closed, it’s likely that online shoppers are surfing the internet and browsing for a new car. It’s important to have your virtual lot open 24/7, on weekends, holidays, and any non-opening hours. These online visitors taking a look at your virtual lot are just […]

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How to sell more cars with Client ConneXion!

Selling more cars is a goal for every dealership. Has your dealership run out of ideas and tricks to sell more cars? It’s time to try Client ConneXion’s proven dealership solutions. Our dealership solutions have been developed specifically to help you engage online website visitors and turn them into customers. Check out some of […]

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Connect with more customers with Client ConneXion!

Client ConneXion gives you the power to connect with customers! Connecting with customers increases lead generation, which leads to increased sales! Check out our dealership solutions that were developed to specifically help your dealership’s online sales representatives connect with customers.

Chat ConneXion – Chat ConneXion is online live chat software that will allow you to […]

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Make your used car inventory stand out with Craigslist ConneXion.

We understand that advertising and promoting your used car inventory can be difficult and time consuming. That’s why we have developed Craigslist ConneXion. Craigslist is an effective yet time-consuming way to list your vehicle inventory. While Craigslist provides exposure to a large audience, it takes time to effectively list all of your used vehicles. […]

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