Staying in constant communication with your contacts will help you to not only establish and maintain good client relationships, but will ensure that your dealership maintains a top of mind presence. We all know that selling a car to a previous customer is much easier than selling a car to a new customer. Having a high customer retention is so important for dealerships.

We can help you increase your customer retention with Constant ConneXion. Constant ConneXion is our email marketing and e-newsletter solution that is designed just for dealerships. Constant ConneXion allows full customization and branding. You’ll have the flexibility to add additional functionality including pre-approval, coupons, test drive scheduling and more! We guarantee 97%+ delivery and an increase in sales and service appointments.

Staying in touch with your contacts and past customers is proven to increase customer loyalty. If you’re ready to increase customer retention, increase your dealership’s SEO, drive more traffic to your website and increase sales, give us a call today! We’d love to show you what Constant ConneXion and our other dealership solutions can do for your dealership!