Is your sales staff struggling to meet sales goals each month? Today’s buyers are more impatient and demanding than every before and the typical sales process has changed so much in recent years due to technology.

At Client ConneXion, our founders have years of experience in the auto industry. That’s why they have developed a complete suite of dealership solutions to help car dealership connect with customers like never before to sell more cars! We understand that today’s buyers are not the same as they were 5 years ago, or even 2 years ago! That’s why we utilize the latest in technology to bring you dealership solutions to help you connect with customers and sell more cars!

Today, we’re going to talk about two dealership solutions in detail – one that will drive traffic to your virtual lot (or website) and one that will help you convert those browsers into buyers.

SEO/SEM ConneXion is our search engine optimization and search engine marketing solution. This dealership solution is guaranteed to place your dealership’s website at the top of search engine results pages, driving more traffic to your website. Today’s buyers typically only visit one car lot before making their purchase. This means that almost all of their research is done online. If your dealership’s website isn’t at the top of those results pages, buyers are not finding you. By increasing traffic to your website, you’ll have more opportunities to convert browsers into buyers, which brings us to our next dealership solution.

Chat ConneXion is our live chat solution that works on your website 24/7, even when your sales staff is sleeping or the dealership is closed for holidays. By immediately engaging website visitors, Chat ConneXion is proven to help your dealership sell more cars! Today’s buyers want answers and they want them now. Chat ConneXion allows visitors to have a conversation in real time with your online sales staff (or a representative from Response Connexion) to get answers to their questions and even set an appointment for a test drive.

If you’re ready to convert more browsers into buyers, give us a call today!