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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Improve Your Dealer Trade Process

At Client ConneXion, we are dealers ourselves, that’s why we understand the issues that result in inefficiency and poor use of time. We know that dealer trades can make a difference of someone buying a car from you or the guy down the street and that dealer trades are a good way to prevent […]

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Get Social With Your Customers

Is your dealership utilizing social media and all that it can do for your dealership? You may think that Facebook and Instagram are just placed for your friends to post pictures of their dog or their latest meal, but it is so much more! Social media marketing is a great way for dealerships to […]

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Exceed Your Sales Goals With Chat ConneXion

At Client ConneXion, we are dealers ourselves, so we understand all of the aspects of the car industry. We know how important it is to meet your sales goals and to make the most of every lead – no matter where they come from.

That’s why we have developed Chat Connexion. Chat ConneXion is our […]

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Response Time Can Be A Deal Breaker

Today, car buyers and internet shoppers can be super impatient. That’s why so many people are utilizing online chat. Online chat allows for website visitors to ask you questions and allows for you to respond immediately. Response time can make or break the deal and highly influence the visitor’s next step.

That’s why we have […]

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Stay in Constant ConneXion with Customers

Curious how to reach customers when they are not at your dealership without annoying them with phone calls? Constant ConneXion is your answer.

Constant ConneXion’s highly effective email marketing service engages in-market automotive consumers to build an ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects, maximizing your dealership traffic and vehicle sales/service revenues every month. These […]

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Let Us Respond for You!

Have you ever felt like there is not enough time in the day to respond to every inquiry that comes through the system? You get question after question and feel as if you cannot answer them all before you clock out. ¬†You’re not alone, and we decided to come up with a solution.

Response ConneXion […]

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Search Engine Optimization: Ways to Improve

Looking to come up first when someone is searching on Google? We wish we could give you a magic formula to make that happen, but that just does not exist. Many people are under the impression that they can simply pay to make it to the top of a search engine, when – in […]

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Live Chat and Dealership Success

Having a functional live chat feature on your website can greatly increase the success and profitability of your dealership. Want to know why? See below:

Chat immediately engages visitors to your site. These visitors are then – hopefully – turned to dealership customers and ultimately will make a purchase.
It gives impatient customers answers […]

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