Part of being a successful sales representative is being able to understand the different stages of the sales process and analyze where each of your prospects are within that sales process. People may have different expectations depending on how serious they are or how ready to make a buying decision they are.

A LEAD is a starting point. A lead has purposefully contacted your dealership, however you don’t know much about them. You don’t know who they are or what their intent is.

A CUSTOMER is a person that you have information about. The customer has purposefully contacted your dealership and is communicating with you. They are not a name, number or email address, they are a person that you should connect with. Once your sales representatives understand the differences between a lead and a customer, they can better tailor their communication and develop an effective strategy.

The obvious goal is to convert your leads into customers. Leads are just that, a lead into a possible sale. This path, also called the road to the sale, starts when the person actively contacts your dealership. Make sure your sales representatives are trained on the road to the sale and how to move each lead on to the next stage.

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