mobileshopperDid you know that 90% mobile searches lead to action? And they lead to action quickly! Is your dealership reaching mobile market? If you aren’t you are losing sales!

With more and more people utilizing the internet before purchasing a new car and the convenience of mobile searches, today’s mobile market is larger than ever!

At Chat ConneXion, we have dealership solutions to help you take advantage of this growing mobile market so that you can start turning more leads into customers and increasing sales! Mobile Chat ConneXion gives you the freedom to connect with customers and potential customers on the go! You don’t have to be confined to your desk to communicate with customers on your website. Chat ConneXion’s capabilities allow you to answer the visitor’s questions and respond in a way that will engage them and lead to a sale!

It is very important that your dealership has a unique and interesting online presence to draw potential customers and leads online. Give us a call at Client ConneXion if your dealership is ready to reach those mobile shopper! We will help you start turning online leads into customers!