Is your dealership losing revenue with your loaner vehicle program? At Client ConneXion, we understand how expensive and costly a loaner vehicle program can be. We also know how often your loaner vehicle program can get taken advantage of. Loaner vehicle programs can be one of the highest expenses inside a dealership. Let us help you stop your loaner vehicle program from eating away at your profits and help you better manage your loaner vehicle program.

DriveTrac Pro is our loaner vehicle management solution that specializes in GPS fleet tracking, fleet management and data communications, all utilizing the latest in could management software so that you can manage and monitor your fleet from virtually anywhere at any time.

With a live mapping system, you’ll get alerts in real time when vehicles enter and exit the service area radius. The tracking system also monitors driving characteristics so that you can pinpoint abuse on the spot to help you better eliminate it.

To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and our complete suite of dealership solutions that are designed to help you dealership run more smoothly and efficiently, give us a call today!