Video marketing is the latest and greatest tool that companies are using to not only reach more potential customers but to engage them and get them to take action. Videos have exponentially greater engagement than other content that is posted on social media. When embedded on your website, videos have the ability to drastically improve your search engine optimization.

Since YouTube became under ownership of Google, Google now indexes the content on YouTube videos. What does this mean? The content that is embedded on your site from your YouTube channel is read as content on your website, therefore helps you show on search results related to that content.

At Client ConneXion, we understand how important video marketing is and what is can do for your dealership. That’s why we have developed our Video SEO solution. This dealership solution allows you to utilize videos of your inventory to dominate the local search market. By providing relevant video content of your inventory, your target market will not only find your dealership, but it will encourage them to engage.

Video SEO will help you connect with potential customers like never before. Here are just a few ways how: more videos on more touch points (including Google, social media and your website), more conversions and leads and getting more shoppers to your actual dealership.

If you’re ready to get started with Video SEO or you’d like to learn more about our dealership solutions, please contact us today!