11.30At Client ConneXion we’re all about helping your dealership convert visitors into customers! We assist auto dealerships in creating instant ConneXions with online buyers more effectively than the industry standard “internet lead” process. With our suite of ConneXion services, Client ConneXion enables auto dealers to sell more cars all while successfully creating lasting consumer relationships.

We will develop a unique combination of our dealership solutions tailored to fit the needs of your dealership for optimal results! Here are some of our most popular dealership solutions:

SEO/SEM ConneXion is a solution that will help more potential customers find you online. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing will uniquely position your dealership online and uniquely target potential customers using keywords and focused ads.

It is important that you are engaging your online visitors and maintaining their interest. You also want to treat online visitors just as you would treat a customer that walks onto your car lot. With Chat ConneXion, you can immediately interact with visitors on your website and answer any questions they may have. You can prompt them with questions and find out information about them that will help you get them to the dealership.

Maintaining a top-of-mind presence to potential and current customers will also help increase your online success. Constant ConneXion is an eNewsletter and ePromotion tool that is sent out monthly to ensure that customers get an update on your dealership and are consistently reminded of you and your brand image. So, when potential customers decide it’s time to buy, your dealership’s name is the first to pop into their heads.

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