At Client ConneXion, we strive to provide your dealership with ways to better connect with customers. Today, we want to touch on a few things you should never say to a customer if you want to make a sale:

  • “That’s against our policy.” It may be against your policy, but customers aren’t concerned about the rules. They want to be satisfied to their liking. Even if it is something you are not able to do, offer them a solution in a different way.
  • “You should ______.” Often, people resent those who try to tell them what to do.
  • “You shouldn’t _______.” Again, it’s not a good idea to tell customers what they should or should not do.
  • “Are you sure?” Never ever point out when a customer is wrong, even if you are 100% certain they are incorrect. Stay calm and help them with their issue without directly pointing out that they were in the wrong.
  • “Calm down.” In any situation, this phrase can be frustrating. Refrain from using it at all costs.

Some of these seem self-explanatory, but refrain from using these terms when in a conversation with a customer. Strive to have a two-way, mutually beneficial conversation to help both the customer and your dealership.

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