Response ConneXion – After-Hours Lead Response Service

Tired of sleeping with your blackberry under your pillow? Response~ConneXion  teams up with your dealership to become a virtual extension of your sales organization. Your virtual internet dealership is open for business 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with trained professionals who beat the competition by rapidly handling all lead follow-up activities by phone for 7 days from the moment a lead arrives. Leads are prioritized and forwarded to your in-store sales specialists for closure, driving even greater levels of efficiency and unit sales at your dealership.

The Response~ConneXion increases floor sales, market share and profits by maximizing profitable vehicle sales. On average, dealers are increasing their monthly Internet sales by 8 units a month. The BDC qualifies and delivers “hot leads” to your dealership sales floor through set Appointments and/or Hot Transfers. Following the submission of a lead, we consistently deliver a rapid personal response within 15 minutes of lead submission, and continue to follow up with a heavily front-loaded activity to coincide with initial interest level.