DriveTrac Pro will help you convert your dealership’s loaner vehicle program into a profit center. With our GPS management system, you’ll be able to stop the loss of revenue when it comes to your loaner vehicles. Tracking vehicles and managing them efficiently has never been easier!

Most dealerships have not been able to make their loaner vehicle program part of their profitability and customer satisfaction strategy. However, your loaner vehicle program should be a huge part of that. Loaner programs are one of the highest costs inside a dealership. By learning how to effectively and efficiently operate and manager your loaner program, it can contribute to ensuring that you have a high customer satisfaction rating.

With DriveTrac Pro, we offer GPS fleet tracking, fleet management and data communications. By utilizing cloud management technology, you’ll now be able to check vehicle locations from anywhere at any time. We’ve also added a live mapping system that will give you real time notifications if a vehicle exits or re-enters the area of service. This will allow you to limit loaner vehicle abuse and lower related costs.

To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and how we can help you better manage your loaner vehicle program, contact us today!